DB Export beer with natural lime and ginger.

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natural lime and a hint of ginger for a distinctly dry finish

BORN IN 2016

After an award winning year for DB Export Citrus, the team at Waitemata Brewery returned to doing what they do best and brewed a fresh new flavour to top off 2016. Behold, DB Export Citrus Lime & Ginger, refreshment… with a twist.

Natural lime and a touch of ginger delivering double refreshment.

A twist of lime and a hint of ginger injects a light zest and mild spice into this low-alcohol thirst quencher. Unlike the rest of the DB Export Citrus family, Lime & Ginger has a dry finish perfect for saluting the afternoon sun and toasting to the night that lies ahead.

with natural lime and ginger, it's refreshment with a twist

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